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The car market is booming, especially in spring, when nature is brought back to life and the days get longer. Many new cars are sold at this time, which the car dealers are happy to push ahead with special offers and aggressive advertising. But as nice as a new car maybe – it has to be paid for. Not always easy with today’s car prices. Considering that a new car can quickly cost several tens of thousands of USD. A lot of money that most consumers don’t have at all.

But they don’t have to. Because with a loan for new cars, the purchase can be financed very easily. You can find out how this works and what special features await you when it comes to financing here.

Bad credit car dealerships: borrow today 

Many car dealers offer their customers great discount offers. However, these only apply if you can also pay for the new vehicle in cash. Therefore, it is only conditionally worth considering a loan from a bad credit car dealership. It waves with particularly low-interest rates.

Clever car buyers, therefore, take out the loan for the purchase of a new car not from the dealership, but from the bank they trust. With the money from the loan, you can pay for the new car in cash and also get a generous discount. Even if the interest rate on an installment loan at the bank is usually somewhat higher than at a car dealership, this payment option still pays off in most cases.

How a loan for new cars is structured

If you are interested in a loan for the purchase of a new car from a bank, then you should start looking for a car loan. Although this is earmarked, it does not require a lot of additional collateral and offers a good interest rate. With a large loan amount, a car loan can be a very good solution. You can get this from almost all banks, as they are very happy to finance cars.

New cars in particular, which require a loan for new cars, are very happy to be financed. You are the security that is always used if you, as a borrower, fail to meet your installment payment agreements. For these purposes, the bank keeps the vehicle registration document until you have fully paid the installments for the loan. This procedure is not a peculiarity of banks and savings banks but is also followed at car dealerships.

A loan for new cars through the dealership

If you want to have your new car financed through the dealership, this will also keep the vehicle registration document until the debt is completely paid. The dealership has three different financing options available for you, all of which have advantages and disadvantages.

The first financing option would be a balloon loan. It is a mixture of an installment loan and leasing. First, you have to pay small installments to the dealership over an agreed period. What is left is a large remaining amount, which you either pay in one fell swoop so that the car changes hands. Or you can take out additional funding with the remaining amount, which is then paid in installments.

The second financing option via the car dealership for a loan for new cars is called private leasing. Here you only acquire the right to use the vehicle through small monthly installments. When the useful life has expired, the vehicle is returned to the dealer and you can lease or buy a new vehicle.

As with a loan from the bank, the third variant is the classic installment loan. With this loan option, the car is paid off in full, constant installments. There is no down payment and no large final installment. After paying the debt, the vehicle is yours.

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