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Bank Loans Opinions – Requirements and characteristics 2019.

Good Bank loans: personal or salary-backed loans?

The area dedicated to loans from Good Bank focuses on personal loans, called Presto. A solution that, as can be seen from the official website, is dedicated to those who need liquidity to face expenses with a certain urgency. To this is added only the proposed sale of the fifth as well as some alternatives for business customers.

The situation changes only if you are looking for a mortgage, especially for the purpose of buying or restructuring. In this article, however, we will focus on the actual loans and related conditions set for 2019.

The personal loan: characteristics and conditions 

With this funding we are faced with a product that offers little originality, starting from the amounts that can be requested, since the maximum sum that can be requested reaches up to 30 thousand USD. The maximum duration instead of the amortization plan can be up to a maximum of 84 installments. The rates depend on various factors such as the repayment duration and the amount requested.

But be careful : actually this loan is provided by Lite Bank, so the evaluation and decision phase on whether or not to grant the loan lies with the Agree Bank. Good Bank will instead take care of collecting documents and managing customer relationships. To get more information, it is preferable to go to a branch, even if there are other contact possibilities on the site, including:

  • the use of chat (NB via non-functioning as of 2 October 2019);
  • the call to the toll-free number 800112114;
  • the re-contact by filling in the appropriate form:

There is no online payment calculation or simulation tool, so to get a custom quote, the only way is to find a branch of Good Bank bank that is easy or easy to reach, setting an appointment first if possible so as to carve out as long as necessary.

For large amounts

Soon it is a standard personal loan, designed for a large clientele that has above all the demonstration of a certified income (pay slip for employees, pension slip for pensioners and Unico for self-employed workers). Having said this, if you need a higher amount (as can happen with major renovations, or install photovoltaic panels, etc.) then you can request a quote on loans for large amounts, which include amounts between 75 thousand and 200 thousand USD, available both in the fixed rate and in the variable rate versions. In the case of both solutions, these are loans issued directly by Good Bank.

The sale of the fifth

In the range of ‘personal’ loans we also find the sale of the fifth, present among the products offered by Good Bank, with the name of ‘ Un quinto e basta ‘. This product is intended for both employees (public or private) and retirees, and is in fact managed by Pitagora Spa, with Good Bank acting as a placement agent.

So if on the one hand you have the possibility of being able to access a product with high specialization, on the other for more detailed information and for a personalized quote you always have to make a move to the branch. On the site there is a form for requesting a quote, but in reality it is a contact request form which will then be carried out by Pitagora spa consultants.

The proposals dedicated to companies

If we consider instead the various Good Bank Loans solutions dedicated to companies, starting from SMEs, to move to subsidized loans for women or young people to start a business, then the discussion becomes much more interesting but also more complex.

In fact, there are many products, in most cases offered both at a fixed rate and at a variable rate, but which require a personalized interview with a consultant of Good Bank. This will allow you to find the solution that best suits your needs, also linked to the time horizon to be covered for the liquidity requirement, available both in the short term and in the medium and long term.

Finally, in the business section, the Personal Loan reserved for employees of companies and institutions affiliated with the Good Bank group company called Best Credit Bank is also reported. This loan allows you to request a sum of between one thousand and ten thousand USD to be repaid over a time horizon between 8 and 145 months. Based on the majority of the agreements stipulated, the repayment of the loan installments is made upstream in the pay slip.

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