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With a car loan for self employment

When children grow up, they sometimes need a little jump start. So also the daughter of CarLend borrower Ms. Lurmen, who lacked the right car to achieve partial independence.

Ms. Lurmen herself is a native of Flumser and a sociable and open woman. As a passionate artist, she gets enthusiastic when she talks about her art, painting. She is convinced that works of art of all kinds are a step towards optimal energy in rooms, be it in private or in public spaces.

She is always concerned with the topic of people and space and her pictures are created on the basis of the relationship between simple figures and surfaces, structures and forms. The result is warm, tone-on-tone, slightly abstract images of people. The numerous vernissages and exhibitions that Ms. Lurmen has already been able to show that the result is impressive.


Don’t burden financial cushions

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Ms. Lurmen works at Finemoney Financing. First working in the workshop, she is now in administration. Her daughter also works part-time for Finemoney Financing and is working on becoming a farrier. To do this, you need a large and powerful car, because the anvil and the furnace have to be transported.

Since there was still an amount missing for the purchase of the vehicle and she did not have the age and the amount of wages required to obtain a loan, Nathan got to her mother. Although their savings would have been enough for a loan, she didn’t want to touch the financial cushion.


A car loan to fulfill a dream and to secure the financial reserves

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When looking for other solutions, Ms. Lurmen came across CarLend on the web. Since she had no experience with car loans, she was confused at first from the crowdlending principle. However, she was able to clarify all questions in a personal conversation. “With a lot of patience, Mr. Drossi explained everything to me very precisely. Because of his openness and transparency in communication, I trusted him and the offer, ”said Ms. Lurmen.

Ms. Lurmen also found the mixture of “old-fashioned”, personal contact and the otherwise digitized process good. “Everything went online and therefore very quickly, I really liked that. At the same time, I was given the feeling that they were listening to me and responding to my situation.

And this is how this story ends with happy faces: Ms. Lurmen was able to help her daughter without touching the reserves for the artistic activity, Nathan has the car necessary for independence and CarLend head operations Naria Drossi can record another successful and beautiful encounter.

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