23 Pix show how time has forgotten places in South Jersey

Albert Einstein once said, “Time is an illusion,” but for many buildings in South Jersey that you drive by every day, the reality is that time has left them behind.

As it often happens, my mind wanders as I drive and I find myself thinking about completely random things that, honestly, most people would never think of.

The other day I started to notice that here in South Jersey it’s not that uncommon for you to be in a very busy and developed area, but just across the street somewhere. totally vacant thing will just sit there. Like, for a very long time.

Or, on the other hand, in a heavily populated area like this, you can wander away from it all and find relics of the past sitting by the side of a road.

With that in mind, I rode the Black Horse Pike (it’s a good sample of the area) and documented the places time has left behind. Old stores, empty malls, shabby signs that still don’t have a business behind them, things like that.

23 photos show how time has forgotten the places in South Jersey

Time flies, sometimes so quickly that it leaves behind once busy shops and buildings. Let’s take a trip on the Black Horse Pike from Turnersville to West Atlantic City and see what you can go through each day without ever thinking.

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