4 terrific new grocery stores are opening in North Jersey


As if there weren’t enough grocery options already, North Jersey began welcoming several new grocery stores to the area.

These new stores will meet all kinds of needs, as they cover health food, specialty items, as well as your daily needs.

If the thought of knowing how to navigate yet another store with your eyes closed, be prepared for these openings.

  • 1

    Alley 1 (Passaique)

    Aisle One is a fully kosher supermarket, serving the large Orthodox community in the region. The market will be located in the new Brook Haven Mall and would be the region’s largest kosher shopping experience. If you live in the area, this will definitely be the easiest place to find kosher ingredients as well as discover new products.

  • 2

    ShopRite (Elmwood Park)

    Everyone knows and loves ShopRite. As if the store couldn’t grow, Elmwood Park will host a mega store. With over 65,000 square feet of planned shopping space, you’ll never miss an item on your shopping list once it’s opened. However, you might have a hard time finding it.

  • 3

    WholeFoods (Woodcliff Lake)

    WholeFoods is always a tough decision when it comes to shopping because it’s not too different from your everyday grocery store. However, I love organic markets and WholeFoods has new and exciting items more often than the average store. This location is slated to open in the spring and will occupy the majority of a 70,000 square foot building.

  • 4

    Amazon Fresh (Paramus + Woodland Park)

    Shopping will be even easier once AmazonFresh arrives at Paramus and Woodland Park. If there is no set opening date, an Amazon Fresh in the suburbs will be revolutionary. Late for an appointment? Being able to grab what you need and come out without a starting process will change your life.


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