$ 8.4 million giveaway boosts Webb schools scholarships

The donation will be used to significantly strengthen Webb’s generous scholarship program. One of the main goals of the Centennial Campaign is to expand access to deserving students.

Skip Hanson was a beloved member of the Webb community who is committed to supporting our mission as a global leader in unlimited education, ”said School Principal Taylor B. Stockdale. “This tremendous gift will have a profound impact on our goal of ensuring that we can enroll the best students, regardless of their financial situation. Skip’s generosity and legacy are immense and will be felt for generations to come. ”

At Webb
Hanson has often said that when he first came to Webb in the mid-1950s he felt he had “come home.”

The founders Thompson and Viviane Webb, along with Webb’s faculty and staff, had a sincere interest in him as an individual, as a student, and as an athlete. Hanson brought this support with him during two tours in Vietnam with the US Navy, through a successful career as an early leader in commercial property management and as an administrator of Webb Schools. (Read more about Hanson here.)

In 1990, Hanson, his brother, Robert M. Hanson ’62, and their father, Wayne A. Hanson, created the Bertha M. Lynch Principles Grant in memory of their maternal grandmother. The scholarship goes to students with financial need, academic excellence, admirable qualities of character, demonstrated leadership potential, and the ability to positively contribute to the spirit and life of the Webb community.

As Hanson’s health began to deteriorate in 2018, he and his wife, Sharon, described this important inheritance gift to help generations of Bertha M. Lynch scholars. Hanson recognized that providing access to the most qualified students, regardless of their financial ability, was at the heart of Webb’s mission.

Biggest cash gift ever
The size of Hanson’s gift was not originally known.

In 2019, after Hanson’s death, his wife estimated the gift to be a little more $ 6 million. It wasn’t until his death in 2021 that the extent of the donation became clear. Coupled with Hanson’s previous support, the donation makes Hanson the largest contributor to Webb’s scholarship.

The Hanson giveaway came about a month after Webb announced the future historic inheritance giveaway of at least $ 100 million from another former student. Only four independent high schools in the United States received a gift of $ 100 million or more. Webb is the only school west of the Mississippi be in this group.

The $ 100 million will also provide significant support for scholarships, as well as strengthening Webb’s faculty and expanding academic offerings. The former student, who asked not to be named, made the gift in recognition of her parents’ sacrifices by sending it to Webb and in recognition of the school’s indelible impact on her life.

Centenary campaign
The two gifts are among the $ 180 million raised so far in Webb’s $ 200 million Centennial campaign, which entered its public phase in October and will end in 2025.

“Each of these gifts – the $ 8.4 million we received today and the $ 100 million or more that we will receive in the future – represent the life-changing impact that Webb has on our students, ”said Stockdale. “Together, they will provide immediate support essential to our mission as well as funds to sustain and develop this mission in the decades to come.”


Webb Schools include Webb School of California, from Los Angeles County oldest independent boarding school, founded in 1922; Vivian Webb School, founded in 1981; and the Raymond M. Alf Museum, the only nationally accredited paleontological museum on a high school campus, founded in 1968. Webb Schools uphold a philosophy of limitless thought, create an inclusive and nurturing environment for their 400 students, and achieve 100 percent admission to leading colleges for graduates.

SOURCE Webb Schools

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