Angry fans think Disney Genie debut is “the best Universal Studios commercial ever”

If you’re a Disney Parks fan, you’ve probably spent the last few days pondering the many changes that are coming soon to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Many of these changes to the Disney experience are bundled into a new program, the Disney Genie Service.

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In addition to serving as a platform where visitors will book their paid “FastPasses” – now known as Lightning Lane Entrance Passes – the Disney Genie service, according to The Walt Disney Company, will enhance the experience of visitors. customers at the two US Disney theme parks.

Disney genius
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But fans aren’t so sure about the upcoming addition of both the Disneyland app and Disney World’s My Disney Experience app. In fact, the Disney Parks YouTube video that announced the debut of the Genie platform only has 1.4,000 likes versus over 15,000 dislikes.

You can watch the ad below:

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In the comments, a number of loyal Disney Parks fans have noted that the entire Disney Genie program may entice them to visit Universal theme parks instead.

Universal has properties – Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort – near both of Disney’s US Parks. Often, fans add a visit to a Universal theme park when planning a Disney vacation. However, what if Universal became the most popular vacation destination among previously devoted Disney fans?

Universal Express
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A user passing through Aircraftgod started the conversation by writing: “This is the best Universal Studios ad ever, even better then [sic: than] those they create.

Many other commentators agreed, Charni Learner noting:

“If you stay at Universal’s property in one of the luxury hotels, you get the express pass for free, which is any attraction you want at any time and how many times you want. Disney guests on the property now have the option of getting up early to pay extra for a ride two hours before everyone else… so there is no benefit to staying on the property.

magic express
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Another YouTube viewer, Anthony Bonarrigo, is concerned that in addition to the new Lightning Lane paid program, Disney may be removing all the perks that visitors previously had for staying on the property:

“On top of that, no more Magic Express, no more extra magic hours for almost everyone on the property, no more free fast pass system. Literally no reason to stay on the property at this time.

disney hotel room pirate theme
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Another user, hoppybird6, said he prefers Universal over Disney to stay put:

“Exactly, that’s why I love Universal !! Staying on the property is awesome – just walk out of your hotel to the park and hop on any ride you want! Because we do this we never have time for Disney, but I wanted to take a special Disney trip later this spring and was planning on staying on the property, but now there is literally no reason to. to do. RIP Disney hotels ”

cabin bay
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Chris Sciarrota seemed to sum up the feelings of many angry Disney Parks fans in his post:

“I literally never comment on Youtube videos, but as a shareholder and frequent traveler, once a year at a luxury resort with a pre-pandemic meal plan, I have to say how disappointed I am with this decision. Let me first say that I am a diehard Disney fan. First you packed my magical express, which was one of my favorite things and made my arrival from Orlando airport so convenient, then you did this stunt with the genius of Disney. There are many other examples of paying higher for less service with the business as a whole. Even though it hurts me, I won’t be planning a trip to your park in the near future. Let’s be clear, we have the disposable income to afford these new “features”, but at this point the price hike for everything makes me think I’d better go to Universal. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. How’s that for customer feedback? Thanks Bob [directed at current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek]. “

the genius of disney
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Disney has not yet announced an official deployment date for the Disney Genie service, but it will debut in fall 2021.

It is not yet known whether Disney will publicly respond to the negative customer comments they have received about the new program so far, or how many people will actually visit Universal Studios above Disneyland or Disney World after the Paid FastPasses have officially become the norm.

rise of resistance stormtrooper room with r5 unit in foreground
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It’s worth noting that Universal offers its own Express Pass program, which starts at $ 69.99 per ticket per day for the base model. However, the pass is included with some hotel stays. Disney’s new Lightning Lane program starts at $ 15 a day – with no pay-per-view options, like Star wars: Rise of the Resistance – but is not currently included in any Disney World or Disneyland hotel package.

What do you think of the Disney Genie?

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