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Poultry, rabbits, pigs, cattle and goats were exhibited at the Ascension Parish Livestock Show by 75 Ascension Parish 4-H and FAA students on January 22 at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.

“The memories, camaraderie, work ethic, friendly competition and responsibility gained through these breeding projects will be for life,” said a press release.

In addition to the animals judged, other prizes were awarded, such as first exhibitor, showmanship and scholarships. The first exhibitor competition tests the knowledge of livestock exhibitors on the species of their animal. Students are tested and the most proficient exhibitor wins, according to the statement.

The showmanship competition is based on how the exhibitor presents the animal to the breeding judge. The presentation is based more on the actions of the exhibitor than on the confirmation of the animal presented. Scholarships were awarded to senior graduates. This year, an additional purse has been added to the dedicated mix in honor of the late Clint Delaune, who was a cattle parent and husband of Livestock Council Chair Mandy Delaune. A memorial hub has been established to recognize scholarship recipients each year.

Next up for Ascension livestock exhibitors is the South Central District Livestock Show taking place Feb. 3-5 in Lamar-Dixon and the LSU AgCenter State Show taking place in Lamar-Dixon Feb. 12-19. Livestock shows are free and open to the public for spectators.

2022 Ascension Parish 4H/FFA Jr. Breeding Show Results:



Champion Broiler Pens and Reserve Champion Broiler Pens: Sierra McCormick

Poultry Exhibition

Bantam Champion: Luke Guillot

Bantam Vice-Champion: Beau Louvière

Champion Standard: Kayden Roussel

Reserve Champion Standard: Amelia Parker

Supreme Bird in Show: Kayden Roussel


Main Presenter: Sierra McCormick

Intermediate Showman: Anna Parker

junior showman

Rookie showman: Amelia Parker

Overall: Amelia Parker

First exhibitor: Quincy Mack


Best Bunny in Show

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Cole


Senior Showman: Rachel Stewart

Intermediate Showman: Anna Cole

Junior Presenter: Pyke Gautreau

Rookie Showman: Rémi Gautreau

Overall: Rachel Stewart

First exhibitor: Kayleigh Salazar



Commercial dairy heifer

Commercial Champion Dairy Heifer and Reserve Champion Dairy Heifer: Kayden Roussel


Champion Jersey Heifer: Hudson Clements

Reserve Champion Jersey Heifer: Rogue Clements

Supreme Dairy Female: Hudson Clements

Dairy staging

Senior Showman Kayden Roussel

Intermediate Showman Hudson Clements

Junior Champion Showman

Champion Rookie Showman: Maverick Clements

Champion Dairy Showman and first exhibitor: Kayden Roussel



Brahman influences commercial heifers

Champion Brahman Commercial Influence Heifer: Skyler Townson

Commercial heifers of non-Brahmin influence

Champion Non-Brahmin Influenced Commercial Heifer: Jenna Kling


beef master

Champion Beefmaster Bull: Jenna Kling

Reserve Champion Beefmaster Bull and Champion Beefmaster Heifer: Jorja Kling

Reserve Beefmaster Heifer Champion: Jorja Kling

Gray Brahman

Grand Champion Gray Brahman Bull, Reserve Champion Gray Brahman Bull and Grand Champion Gray Brahman Bull: Peyton Blanchard


Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer: Hailee Daigle


Champion Simmental Heifer: Brody Babin

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer: Braylie Babin


Angus Champion Calf: Brody Babin

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer: Braylie Babin

AOB Non-Brahman

Grand Champion AOB Non-Brahman Femalez: Megan Motichek

red Brahman

Grand Champion Red Brahman Bull: Peyton Blanchard


Grand Champion Braford Female: Skyler Townson

Total Bull and Global Heifer: Jenna Kling


Senior Champion Showman: Peyton Blanchard

Intermediate Champion Showman: Jorja Kling

Junior Champion Showman: Braylie Babin

Rookie Champion: Skyler Townson

General: Peyton Blanchard

First exhibitor: Brody Babin


Market lambs

Champion and Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Brookelyn LeBlanc

breeding sheep


Intermediate Showman Brookelyn LeBlanc

Overall: Brooklyn LeBlanc

First exhibitor: Brookelynn LeBlanc

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market goats

Grand Champion: Hayden Daigle

Reserve Grand Champion: Reese James

Goat breeding

Champion and vice-champion Boer Buck thoroughbred: Alie Causey

Purebred Boer

Champion and vice-champion Purebred Boer Doe: Desiree Falgout

Percentage of Boer Bucks

Boer Buck Percentage Champion: Hayden Daigle

Reserve Boer Buck Percentage Champion: Désirée Falgout

Boer percentage

Boer Doe Percentage Champion: Désirée Falgout

Reserve Boer Doe Percentage Champion: Alie Causey

Nigerian Dwarf – Bucks

Nigeria Dwarf Buck Champion: Sadie Bourgeois

Nigerian Reserve Champion Dwarf Buck: Maverick Clements

Nigerian Dwarf – Is it

Nigerian Dwarf Doe Champion: Sadie Bourgeois

Nigerian Reserve Dwarf Doe Champion: Paige Blanchard

AOB meat – deer

AOB Meat Doe Champion: Desiree Falgout

Nubian – Buck

Nubian Buck Champion: Kayden Roussel

Nubian – Doe

Nubian Doe Champion and Vice-Champion: Kayden Roussel

Commercial deer meat

Champion Commercial Deer: Tobie Laiche

Reserve Champion Doe: Alie Causey

Supreme Champion Doe: Désirée Falgout

Buck Supreme Champion: Alie Causey

Goat Showmanship

Senior Champion: Alie Causey

Intermediate Champion: Hayden Daigle

Rookie Champion: Brielle LeBlanc

General Showman: Alie Causey

First exhibitor: Paige Blanchard


market pigs


AOB Champion: Canyon Robertson

Reserve AOB Champion: Harley Templet


Champion Barrow: Abby Lobell

Barrow Reserve Champion: Paisley Danehower


Hampshire Champion: Abby Lobell

Reserve Hampshire Champion: Rylie Landry


Yorkshire Champion: Anna Schexnayder


Duroc Champion: Tobie Laiche

Reserve Duroc Champion: Anna Schexnayder

golden cross

Champion Cross Gilt: Bailey Louviere

Reserve Cross Gilt Champion: Abby Lobell

Grand Champion Market Pig: Bailey Louviere

Reserve Market Pig Champion: Abby Lobell

breeding pigs

Gilt Commercial Champion: Canyon Robertson

Commercial Gilt Reserve Champion: Désirée Falgout


AOB Champion: Kade Schexnayder

AOB Vice-Champion: Ethan Delaune


Duroc Champion: Tobie Laiche

Reserve Duroc Champion: Bryson Delaune


Hampshire Champion: Aubree Savoy

Reserve Hampshire Champion: Bryson Delaune


Yorkshire Champion: Cameron Deane

Reserve Yorkshire Champion: Anna Blanchard

Supreme Breeding Gilt: Tobie Laiche


Senior Champion: Tobie Laiche

Intermediate Champion: Ethan Delaune

Junior Champion: Bryson Delaune

Rookie Champion: Desiree Falgout

Overall Champion: Tobie Laiche

First exhibitor: Joseph Liotta

Novice exhibitors

General Rookie Exhibitor: Brielle LeBlanc

Rookie exhibitors: Easton Brady, Amelia Parker, Joe Liotta, Rogue Clements, Wyatt Landry, Maverick Clements, Skyler Townson, Megan Motichek. Tobie Laiche Remi Gautreau, Désirée Falgout, Orion Rood, Canyon Roberston, Quincy Mack, Brielle LeBlanc and Reese James

Senior Exhibitors

Rylee Landry, Mallory Miller, Abby Lobell, Désirée Falgout, Sadie Bourgeois, Kade Schexnayder, Rachel Stewart, Harley Templet,

Clint Dealune Memorial Scholarship: Abby Lobell

Volunteer Service Award

Volunteer Award: Lisa Stewart

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