Blotting: Patchogue man arrested for CFA, brawl breaks out at Greenport wedding

Southold Town Police arrested a 56-year-old Calverton man for DWI in Cutchogue last Tuesday.

Reports indicate that Epifanio Cruz-Vazquez was arrested along Route 48 for not keeping his lane shortly before 8 p.m.

• A cigarette butt started a fire in a house in Southold last Thursday evening.

Southold Police and the Southold Fire Department responded to a house on Main Bayview Road around midnight after a lighted cigarette butt left in a flowerpot set the wooden siding of the house on fire and damaged the coating, living room and attic.

According to a police report, the 72-year-old owner was able to extinguish most of the fire using his garden hose and no injuries were reported.

The Southold Fire Department investigated the scene and extinguished the blaze.

• Police have been called over a brawl that broke out at a wedding at the Halyard in Greenport on Friday.

An employee called police around 11 p.m. after a group of men started pushing each other on the ground, which resulted in a man’s shirt tearing.

A 69-year-old man in East Hanover, New Jersey, told police he was having an “emotional conversation” with a relative.

An officer was then called to a nearby compound where the men were staying after an anonymous person reported they were screaming.

No charges were laid and police advised everyone to stay separate for the rest of the evening.

• Rashaan Farrulla, 34, of Patchogue, was arrested for DWI in Greenport last Monday.

Reports say he was pulled over along Front Street at around 3:48 a.m. after an officer observed his vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.

• A pickup truck went up in flames outside a house in East Marion last Tuesday morning.

The 42-year-old driver said he parked the van and noticed smoke coming from the glove box and when opening it saw flames near the engine.

The East Marion Fire Department responded and determined the fire was caused by mechanical issues.

• The Greenport Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle completely on fire along Front Street last Thursday afternoon.

This fire would also have been mechanical and would have damaged a nearby fence.

Police were called to Ole Jule Lane in Mattituck after a man called to report his neighbor blew an air horn at his dogs, who were outside barking at an animal on Wednesday last night.

The neighbor told police dogs are a “constant problem,” but agreed to stop using an air horn and fix the problem in another way.

• A man from Southold reported two thefts from an oyster stand in East Marion last Monday.

The 41-year-old told police that in early September someone stole $ 75 in cash from a red box. Ten days later, the entire safe, which contained around $ 50, was removed from the booth.

• A 70-year-old man from Southold reported to police on Friday that his American Airlines credit card had been hacked and nearly 300,000 airline miles were stolen from his account.

The miles have been valued at $ 8,673 and detectives are investigating the incident.

• An unknown man broke the door of a commercial property along Adams Street in Greenport last Thursday. Additional patrols of the area have been requested.

The individuals named in the police reports have not been convicted of any felony or offense. The charges against them may subsequently be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be declared innocent.

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