Blue birds soar in New Jersey

Vineland Historical & Antiquarian hosted the October meeting of the Greenwich Tea Burning Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. New Jersey Bluebird Society (NJBS) President Allen Jackson was the guest speaker. NJBS is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the population of bluebirds with a mission of education, conservation and research to promote the recovery of bluebirds and other nesting birds in cavities.

Jackson listed the many factors involved in management practices, such as properly designed and located nest boxes, protection from predators, and nest monitoring. Negative impacts on the bluebird population that threaten survival include loss of habitat, inadequate food supply, exposure to chemicals, and predation by cats.

As part of his management, Jackson has a special banding permit. He told his audience: “Although we have ringed 3,272 Bluebirds, this is only about half of the Bluebirds that we have been able to manage and keep records. We expect the number of Bluebirds flown to New Jersey this season to exceed 7,000. ”

Following this inspiring report on the successful conservation of New Jersey’s bluebird population, Patricia A. Martinelli, curator of the Vineland Historical & Antiquarian Society, invited all attendees to view an interesting display of artifacts from World War II from the Society’s collection. Objects on display included an American flag from World War II; an army machine gun cartridge belt; commemorative plaque with the inscription “Remember Pearl Harbor”; A pink silk fringed pillowcase from the Atlanta, Georgia Ordinance Depot and a German pickelhaube helmet (spiked officer helmet).

The exhibit was particularly appropriate for members of Greenwich Tea Burning to view in anticipation of “Female Spies of WWII,” a Chapter sponsored program and fundraiser taking place on Saturday, November 20 at 1 pm. The program to remember and honor the many women who engaged in dangerous espionage to aid the Allies against the Nazis is a first-person portrayal of a legendary British spy master, by actress Alisa Dupuy of ” Ladies of History ”. The cost is $ 15 per person. Location: The First Presbyterian Church, 119 N. 2nd St., Millville, NJ. For more information, call 609-364-8525 or 856-691-7278.

“Funding was made possible in part by the New Jersey Historical Commission / Department of State and the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners through the Cumberland County Cultural and Heritage Commission.”

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