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IRVINE, Calif., December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chaz Guinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Revolve Capital Group, has been a leader in the struggling real estate industry since 2008. He has created and developed several real estate companies specializing in the purchase, management and sale of 1st lien non-performing and reproductive mortgage debts backed by single-family homes.

“I entered a market that was unknown in 2008, and here I am a decade later actively making and developing this business”

Chaz guinn spoke at NoteExpo 2021 during a NoteTalks seminar titled “Paving Your Way”, where he covered the obstacles and challenges faced in developing his career in troubled real estate investing. His speech explores his triumphs and successes, and what it took for him and his business to navigate a global pandemic.

“I really felt like I entered a market that was unfamiliar in 2008, and here I am a decade later and still actively making and growing this business. “

Guinn adds that his firm’s mission is to educate the new wave of investors entering a market that traditionally invests in fix-and-flips, rentals, the stock exchange, commercial properties, multi-family, hospitality and housing for the elderly. . He points out that while many other companies act as brokers, Revolve Capital is one of the few struggling real estate companies providing bank assets directly to investors of all sizes.

“We want to go out and align with all of you, to say if you can properly raise capital, and we can help you put the right infrastructure in place, you will see that we are a direct source for the major sellers in this country.” , Guinn explains.

Chaz guinn structured, negotiated and raised more $ 200 million wealthy accredited investors, family offices and financial institutions. Having acquired more $ 1 billion Directly from Tier 1 banks, investment banks, major real estate funds, GSEs and services, Guinn is a market maker in bringing institutional and Wall Street investments to Main Street investors.

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About the company

Revolve Capital Group is a private real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, management and sale of distressed mortgage notes. Revolve Capital’s primary objective is to invest in high quality, well-maintained, premium value non-performing loans secured by a 1st lien mortgage or deed of trust on residential real estate.

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