Even sports betting is fed up with JB Smoove yelling “CAE-SARS!” “

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Do you remember the movie Thank you for smoking? It was a satirical look at cigarette spokesman Nick Naylor (played by Aaron Eckhart aka Harvey Dent of The black Knight) who tries to remain a role model for his son despite promoting / defending lung darts.

While I could write an entire track based on my love for cigarette nicknames (rip a Grit, Puff a smav, you got ant P-Funks?), That’s not why I mentioned this movie..

This largely forgettable movie stuck with me because Eckhart does a remarkable job being fat, still polite. I could see the world in which he operates. Like, oh, that’s why PR firms and lobbyists are invaluable; shooting complete bullshit is an art.

That is why it is not difficult to understand why the sports game is spreading unhindered. If I’m going to attend another JB Smoove-Patton Oswalt Caesar commercial – and I will – I’m going to lose my mind the same way that damn Geico ad got me to start a petition banning all use of music. of Tag Team at sporting events and in advertisements.

No, I didn’t do that, but damn it, aren’t you winning enough with the Jock Jams? Cash your royalty checks and go date whonever wrote Tootsee Roll.

It seems that even sports betting executives are reaching their limit. Not on sports betting, but on sports betting advertising. In what seemed like a moment of awareness at the SBC Summit North America, a major sports betting conference that took place in New Jersey this week that I’m sure featured a massive amount of stereotypical moments, President of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller, called the advertising flood “an unsustainable arms race. ”

(I have so many questions. Was there a booth dedicated to how to mine local favorites? What was SWAG? Vig Calculators? Who was the keynote speaker? Geno from Queens who eventually opened his own bookmaker legal and government regulated?)

Our sanity is not their concern, however, because they are rude game executives who embrace the sleaze. The reason for their unease is that they fear being regulated like their European counterparts.

“You have to learn from the UK: you have to regulate yourself,” Ken Fuchs, senior vice president of sports for Caesars Digital, told the conference. “It’s about how a customer interacts with Caesars as a brand. It’s not about yelling at people, “Free money! Free money! Free money! ‘ This is what exhausts people.

Truly? Is that what tires people out? Not Smoove bellowing “CAE-SARS!” »Every commercial break? I had a Knicks MSG broadcast the other night, and they had an impromptu Caesars ad with Smoove because he was at the game. That’s half a world of difference considering the whistle whistle ban that was enacted in the United States.K. banning gambling advertising during games, and that Italy has banned all sports betting advertising outright since 2019.

Why would these countries do this? Was it because their governments, like me, were fed up with an endless avalanche of annoying ads? If so, maybe I should have started this petition.

But, no, the reason these laws were put in place, you calculate the oddsdamn it was because of match-fixing scandals corrupt the integrity of sports, and gambling addiction. We haven’t seen (discovered?) any of the first in the United States since gambling began its marijuana-like legalization spread because – and I’m projecting here – we’re naive and think just because the government said it was okay, that’s for sure.

Congressional oversight on how many times you can extend a B List act’s career is not a danger to your industry; your industry is the danger to your industry. Is the game a Mount Rushmore member of the Anonymous club with drugs, alcohol, and, dunno, sex?

The desire to give people the freedom to play it safe is not what drives these sports betting CEOs and professional sports leagues; it is the money. The financial benefit of sports betting is why the NFL, MLB and others are getting into the business, and why my colleague Jesse Spector mentioned revenue sharing from the game as a possible solution to end the baseball lockout. Nevada sports bettingI just have their first $ 1 billion … month.

The NFL made its debut paris PSA during Thursday’s Dallas-New Orleans game, and although he’s older, you can see the Nick Naylor in Steve Mariucci. The same idiots who openly discuss how to get more people to gamble, smoke, drink, etc. at a conference come from the same lineage as people who thought, “Put an Italian nicknamed ‘Mooch’ in. our first gaming PSA. ”

I’m going to retire from this saddle because it’s quite high, but I agree with the game president on one thing: this JB Smoove commercial is grueling.

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