Four years in prison for a dealer of “street supplies”

Charlotte’s herd. Photo: Jersey States Police (31543579)

Charlotte Herd admitted to providing cocaine to two people, along with Class B methylphenidate and Class C diazepam. She also pleaded guilty to possession of MDMA, methylphenidate and £ 690 from drug sales, which were found when police searched his address in May of last year.

The 23-year-old was arrested after analyzing the two people’s cell phones in 2019. In messages, Herd described the proposed cocaine as “dynamite” and “rocket fuel”.

She appeared before the Royal Court yesterday, when she was also convicted of resisting arrest in May this year when she kicked an officer in the groin and used offensive language.

It happened while she was on bail by police for unrelated matters and on bail from the Royal Court for drug offenses.

Prosecuting Crown attorney Matthew Maletroit said Herd had previously been convicted of assaulting police officers.

He said: “It is clear from the evidence of telecommunications that it has played an important role in the supply of substances, a dangerous activity which ruins lives, which has an incredibly damaging impact on the local community.”

Lawyer Maletroit added that she negotiated the sale, made arrangements and physically handed over the drugs in exchange for money. He said the methylphenidate tablets had a market value of £ 185 and the MDMA powder had a market value of between £ 100 and £ 120.

He suggested a total sentence of four years, six months and one week for the combined offenses.

However, defense attorney Allana Binnie argued that the amount of drugs involved was low and that Herd was providing on behalf of another man she was with at the time.

She said: “My client was not the mastermind or the finances behind the operation.

“We are dealing with extremely small amounts of drugs for only two people,” she added, for which Herd received “no significant financial benefit”.

She said her client was in a relationship at the time and her compliance in drug offenses was based on that.

Lawyer Binnie added, “She makes no apologies for the way she behaved on this occasion.”

She argued that the sentence sought by the prosecution was too long and that a community order might be more appropriate.

“The threats, pressure and violence my client has experienced was not caused by the drug world but by the relationship,” she said.

Usher Timothy Le Cocq, president, said the court did not believe it was possible to avoid a custodial sentence – Herd had already been remanded in custody for three months after resisting arrest. He called the offenses “a serious example of delinquency and street food”.

However, he noted that the court was encouraged by Herd indicating that she wished to address the issues underlying the offense.

In total, Herd was convicted of two counts of offering to supply a controlled drug, three counts of supplying a controlled drug, two counts of possession of a controlled drug and one count of possession or control of criminal property, and a leader of resistance to arrest.

Jurats Rozanne Thomas, Jane Ronge and Robert Christensen were seated.

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