Geauga Lake will house a new subdivision

The former amusement park site will soon have a second life thanks to Solon’s Industrial Commercial Properties.

Although Geauga Lake and SeaWorld have been closed for more than a decade, a development is set to inject new life – and fun – into the unused Aurora and Bainbridge Township property. We spoke with Chris Salata, COO of Solon’s Industrial Commercial Properties, to find out what is available for these 377 acres.

Work, Live and Play: The new Geauga Lake District is for those who want to put down roots in this historic property. Plans show a new Menards prototype and more than 400 housing units, including high-end waterfront homes. “Once you get the people there, it will lead to more entertainment type destinations like restaurants, lakeside retail and entertainment venues,” says Salata.

Touch of nostalgia: The spirit of the historic park will manifest itself in a series of design choices incorporated into the plan, including landscaping, streetscape and building materials. Signage and lighting reminiscent of the park will complete the throwback scene. “There is a significant set of design guidelines negotiated with the township to ensure that the future will pay homage to the past,” says Salata.

Water feature: At the center of the project is the 50-acre Lake Geauga – where pyramids of water skiers once dazzled onlookers – and the design is meant to honor this body of water. Visitors will be able to walk around the lake, with stops at possible lakeside amenities like a park and beach. “The goal is to activate and enhance the lake and all the resources it presents,” says Salata.

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