Giving back to those in need

The Afghan Refugee Supply Campaign is a campaign dedicated to collecting goods on behalf of those settling in New Jersey. This event aims to provide everything from clothes to water for those who need it most.

This program is hosted by the Institute of Human Rights, the United Nations Association (UNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA). These three organizations have come together to help Afghan refugees in difficulty and in economic difficulty.

Chevon Williams, president of the Kean chapter of the UNA and a volunteer on behalf of the Institute of Human Rights, played a major role in the collection of the goods. Like many others, Williams is determined to help refugees get the supplies they need and make them feel safe, especially with whatever is happening in their home country.

“During the summer, a lot of things happened in Afghanistan,” says Williams.

In recent events, the Taliban have severely affected Afghanistan, leaving a trail of death in their wake. With all of this chaos going on, many Afghans have left their countries and settled in other parts of the world. With this huge change in their lives, many refugees no longer have the basic supplies to maintain a normal lifestyle.

“I think a lot of people wanted to help, but just didn’t know the right way,” Williams says of the students on campus. “The Muslim students on campus were really trying to find a way to help and make their community feel better. “

When made aware of the situation, these three organizations came together to help the Afghan refugees. The best solution to this problem was to host a supply order on campus. With this collection service, people can make donations that will truly benefit refugees entering the country.

“I think supply orders in their nature are a lot more useful, especially because they’re not meant for one thing,” Williams says. “You can just find things around your house and bring them in, which is better than going out and buying something at the grocery store.”

Williams explains that the reader searches for many articles for families and their children. In this player, organizations look for the following new and unopened items:

For families

· Bottled water

Clothing for men and women

Winter coats / jackets / gloves

· Shoes

Feminine hygiene products

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes

· Towels

· Laundry

Toiletries and grooming kits

Charging cables for smartphones

For kids:

· Layers

· Clothes

· Formula

Baby bottles

Baby wipes


· School supplies

Soccer balls, blocks, toys

These items have been in the process of being collected since the start of Kean Day, which took place on September 10. The program will continue until October 8. Students across campus gave back and deposited their donations at the Nancy Thompson Library and the Human Rights Institute.

“I think it’s important for us to realize how lucky we are and how easy it is to give back to people,” said Williams. “If you can give, you can give. “

For students looking to help and volunteer, they may seek to join UNA and seek more volunteer opportunities with the Human Rights Institute.

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