Jersey Shore starts digging after blizzard

LINWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) – A massive cleanup effort is underway on the Jersey Shore after a weekend blizzard dumped up to 19 inches of snow in some places, like Linwood, New Jersey.

“Just make sure you can open the front door at this point,” said Anthony Tull, who spent an hour with his dad digging a truck out of their driveway.

The work is far from over. They want a safe route out of their homes, but that’s hard to do with cold temperatures that leave a layer of ice under the snow.

“You know before everything freezes too hard. Get it while it’s still nice and powdery,” he said.

Off Highway 9, Karen Ogborn says a plow truck came and emptied her house once, but another truck came to take care of the roads and covered her driveway again.

“This morning when I arrived I was a little scared to take the front of my car off to go down the driveway,” she said.

Plow driver Glen Reber of South Jersey Remodeling says he has barely slept since the storm, working 20 hours straight.

He has cleared 20 parking lots so far and there are still 8 more to go.

“Plowing a lot which is not easy to move 18 inches of snow because once you move the path once you are now moving 30 inches of snow. isn’t so bad today,” he said.

As South Jersey and the shoreline dig in after the blizzard, Atlantic City emergency officials say they’re proud of the response, but warn people it’s still dangerous outside. Crews are still working to clear the roads, and the more people there are, the harder it will be to work.

“We experienced our first blizzard for 2022, hopefully it will be the last. Although the snow has stopped, the dangers have not stopped. It’s still dangerous outside,” said Scott Evans, the Atlantic City’s emergency management coordinator.

As of Sunday morning, the New Jersey Department of Transportation lifted restrictions on the movement of commercial vehicles on all interstate highways. NJ Transit has also resumed service on Access Link, buses and the River Line.

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