Lawyer Commentary | One dead, one injured in New Jersey Walmart shooting

One injured, one killed in Walmart parking lot shooting

According to NBC Philadelphia, a shooting occurred in the Walmart parking lot located at 2106 Mt Holly Rd, Burlington Township, NJ 08016.

At approximately 10:15 p.m. on October 7, 2021, police were called to Walmart following gunfire in the parking lot. They arrived to find that two victims had been shot. The victims, a teenager and his father, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The father was released, but the teenager suffered fatal injuries and died in hospital.

Investigators reported that there were four suspects involved in the shooting. They met in the parking lot but started arguing before gunfire broke out in the parking lot. The four were arrested on charges which may include murder, possession of a weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, obstruction, and more. Many suspects had previous criminal charges ranging from possession of firearms to drug offenses.

Can I sue for being shot in a commercial property parking lot?

Associate Lawyer Brian Kent is a violent crime lawyer who represents victims of gunfire in civil suits in New Jersey. Recently Brian sat down with us to ask if the victims can sue for being shot in the parking lot of a commercial property.

“There is a legal obligation for all owners of commercial buildings to protect their properties from avoidable dangers, such as shootings. This responsibility is to minimize the risk that customers and staff will suffer preventable injury. If a commercial building owner implements proper security measures, events such as shootings and other violent crimes may not occur. “

“Victims and their families may have reasonable grounds to take legal action against the shooter, but it is more common to take action against a third party for negligence. If the owners have not provided safety measures reasonable, they can be held responsible for a shootout that takes place in or around their property.Some standard preventable measures include security cameras, proper lighting in the parking lot, and security guards.

“Victims and their families are encouraged to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer for shooting victims to explore the best legal remedies for their situation. A lawyer may need to prove that the crime was foreseeable. A commercial property owner could be held liable if he was aware of an increase in crime on or around the property, but neglected to improve their safety. “


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