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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The Louisville Metropolitan Government has reached an agreement to purchase the old AT&T building at 601 West Chestnut St. downtown.

The tentative plan is to move the headquarters of the Louisville metro police and other city agencies to the building, but the metro board has yet to approve. The city hopes to close the deal in early 2022.

In a letter of intent sent from Louisville Forward to the TRIO Commercial Property Group, Metro Louisville agreed to pay $ 6.8 million at closing for the property, which is still owned by AT&T.

The nearly 200,000 square foot building was constructed in 1978 according to PVA records and is currently vacant. It has been on sale since 2015 and was initially listed for $ 11.4 million. The current listing price is $ 10.2 million, but Metro Government has agreed to buy it for $ 6.8 million.

Metro facilities manager Mark Zoeller said the purchase was an investment in the city’s downtown area.

“We think the price we got for this building was a very good deal for Metro Government,” Zoeller said. “We are taking a building that has been vacant for many years and we are going to bring it back to life. “

The building will replace LMPD’s nearly 70-year-old headquarters, which is now too small and has both structural and safety issues. In 2018, raw sewage seeped into the chief’s office when inmates in upstairs cells overflowed the latrines. Urine and feces fell on desks and computers, and trash cans were used to catch the water leaks.

“The environment in this building is just toxic,” said Metro Council president David James. “I can’t believe we’ve had people working there for so long.”

James, who is a former LMPD officer, said the move would allow police command staff, who are now in different locations, to meet.

“It will make things much more efficient and capable of providing public safety in a much more robust and efficient manner,” he said.

The metro board must approve the purchase, but members on both sides appear to agree, telling WDRB News it will boost police morale and public confidence.

“I think it gives the right message to the public who want to live here and raise their families that we take public safety seriously,” Minority Caucus Chairman Anthony Piagentini said. “I also think it’s a great message for recruiting new officers.

Zoeller said the city is still doing its due diligence to determine what types of changes are needed and how much they will cost. He said it had not been decided which other agencies would be relocating in the space as well.

“We believe there is a lot of potential for this site and for its use in Metro Government operations in the future,” he said.

The city hopes to close the deal in January 2022.

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