Ludhiana MC tightens the noose around delinquencies and fraudsters

Those who have not paid property tax or tried to evade it by filling in the wrong categories are now on Ludhiana MC’s radar.

Tightening the noose around delinquencies and property tax evaders, the municipality launched a door-to-door investigation in areas falling under Zone C. Those who did not pay the tax or attempted to s ‘subtract it on the civic body’s radar.

In the first phase, the authorities will cover around 3,000 properties around Shimlapuri, Gill Road and Kanganwal Road. Working-class neighborhoods on Kanganwal Road and surrounding areas will also be investigated.

Authorities suspect that a large number of landowners in the Shimlapuri region have not paid their property tax since 2013-14, while many traders in Gill Road have classified their commercial properties as industrial units because they have to be paid. 10 times more under the old slice. .

20% penalty for defaulters, 100% for fraudsters

Defaults will be assessed a 20% penalty and 18% annual interest on the pending amount, while fraudsters will be charged a 100% penalty for depositing in the wrong category.

Municipal corporation superintendent Vivek Verma said: “So far we have served notices on 70 defaulters for the collection of dues. Social housing owners must pay 7.5% of the annual rental collection for property tax, whether or not it is paid will also be verified during the survey. If the notices are ignored, the buildings will be sealed.

September 30 last date to take advantage of the discount

September 30 being the last date to benefit from a 10% discount on the property tax submission, Suvidha kendras and the zone offices will remain open on Saturday and the last Sunday of the month. The offices will also remain open on September 18, 25 and 26.

There are around 2.25 lakh of taxable property in the city and around 1.5 lakh of owners have yet to pay tax for the current fiscal year 2021-2022.


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