Motorola patches will land on Padres jerseys in 2023

The Padres’ oldest player, Craig Stammen, understands that adding logos to jerseys might rub traditionalists the wrong way.

Kind of like how bat-pounding and spirited on-field celebrations have rubbed them the wrong way for decades.

It’s just the way sports evolve – so does baseball.

The Padres on Tuesday became the first Major League Baseball team to reveal an agreement for advertisements on their uniforms. They announced a multi-year partnership that will place the logo of Chicago-based telecommunications company Motorola on the sleeve of the team’s jerseys, starting next season.

“You know, you lose that kind of classic uniform, I guess,” Stammen, 38, said. “But you look at the NBA, they have it there. It’s kind of part of the world as it is today and I don’t have a problem with it one way or the other. another.

Advertising on jerseys is allowed under the new collective bargaining agreement reached last month between MLB owners and the players’ association. Among the changes, this pact raised the league’s minimum salary for players from $570,500 to $700,000, raised the luxury tax threshold to $230 million and created a bonus pool of $50 million. dollars to distribute to the top 100 players who did not reach arbitration.

Like an expanded playoff field, this provides an additional revenue stream for ownership.

“I think things like our new bonus pool are probably a direct result of some of the things that (owners) have been able to gain on their end, that players will hopefully see that money flowing back into their pockets as well” said Stammen, the Padres’ representative to the union. “It’s a win-win situation for both parties because with the money in the owners’ pockets, hopefully some of it will go back to the players.”

The length and value of the partnership with Motorola was not immediately known, but the sale of ad space on jerseys is becoming more common as teams look to cash in on the number of eyes reaching their product via cable deals and various social media avenues. .

The Los Angeles Lakers, who play in the nation’s No. 2 media market, signed a five-year jersey patch deal last fall with Bibigo, a South Korean line of dumplings, sauces and dishes. frozen foods, worth $100 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

San Diego ranks just outside the top 25 media markets, and the Padres have 542,100 followers on Twitter and more than 784,000 on Facebook.

The Lakers, for comparison, have 10.7 million followers on Twitter and 21.7 million on Facebook.

The Athletic in 2020 reported patch deals in the NBA ranged from $7 million to $10 million per season.

Uniform advertising is common in football, where it began in Germany in the 1970s. The NBA began selling advertising on jerseys in 2017. The NHL first allowed helmet ads in 2020 and will allow them on jerseys from next season.

“Being woven into the San Diego Padres jersey is an exciting and pivotal time for the Motorola brand and our innovative product lineup,” said Rudi Kalil, vice president and general manager of North America at Motorola, in a statement. statement, “and we’re thrilled to connect with Padres and baseball fans around the world through this one-of-a-kind MLB partnership.

Motorola will also become the Presenting Partner of the Padres Hall of Fame and immediately serve as the Official Smartphone Partner of the Padres, as well as become the sponsor of the club’s annual Back-to-School Shopping Event to provide supplies and apparel to underserved youth. . in the zone.

“We are thrilled to partner with a quintessential and innovative brand like Motorola to bring cutting-edge technology, design and performance to Petco Park,” Padres CEO Erik Greupner said in a statement.

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