New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer to Introduce Supply Chain Disruption Legislation – CBS New York

RAMSEY, NJ (CBSNew York) – The compression of the supply chain leads to delays and high prices.

A New Jersey lawmaker is looking for ways to fix the issues, CBS2’s Nick Caloway reported on Monday.

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At Ramsey Hardware and Paint, customers come with all kinds of questions. Owner Mark Gatto said the most popular lately is, “Well where is he? “

Broken links in the supply chain make it impossible to keep shelves full. This means fewer options and higher prices.

The problem caused by the pandemic is being felt by businesses large and small.

Snow Joe makes lawn equipment, like snowblowers. Shipping delays and high shipping container costs mean that price increases are passed on to customers.

“It’s a very difficult environment. It’s been a while since it was forced. Relief is needed, ”said Paul Riley, COO of Snow Joe.

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Representative Josh Gottheimer visited the Snow Joe distribution center in Mahwah.

Gottheimer plans to introduce legislation that would establish a federal supply chain czar and allow states to deploy unused COVID relief funds to tackle supply chain bottlenecks.

Gottheimer is also calling on President Joe Biden to activate the National Guard to help offload certain supplies at standby ports and to use non-combat military ships to bring essential supplies to the United States.

“And put them to work for essential goods, like pharmaceutical ingredients for what we need to fight COVID, like masks and other essential supplies, to help ease the supply chain,” said said Gottheimer.

In the meantime, many business owners expect the problem to worsen over the next six months. Back at Ramsey Hardware and Paint, a delivery of Christmas lights is delayed until January 20.

Don’t blame the Grinch. It may just be the broken supply chain.

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Nick Caloway of CBS2 contributed to this report.

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