New Jersey teenager ran away because she feared her mother would “leave her all bruised” for losing her benefit card [Court Docs] – Online crime

Mother of New Jersey teenager missing for nearly a month stabbed the girl, sprayed bleach in her eyes and hit her with a frying pan, criminal complaint claims filed in the case.

Jamie Moore, 39, reported the disappearance of her 14-year-old daughter JaShyah Moore on Oct. 14 after the girl failed to return from a trip to the store one block away. JaShyah was found late last week at a Manhattan shelter and had cut her hair to cover up her appearance, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

The next day, authorities announced that they had arrested the mother and charged her with two counts of second degree endangering the well-being of a child. JaShyah and her 3-year-old brother were removed from the home and placed in the care of the New Jersey Child Welfare and Duty Division.

JaShyah first went to the American market on the morning of October 14 to buy paper napkins and juice, but returned home when she realized she had lost the perks card she had. need to make the purchase. Her mother said she sent her back to retrace her steps and find the map.

According to court documents obtained by Fox News, the teenager told investigators her mother assaulted her upon returning from the store.

“The victim said she was gone and knew she couldn’t go home because her mother would beat her and leave her all bruised,” the documents say.

But that’s not all. The documents expose a two-year history of alleged abuse.

“Jamie Moore endangered the well-being of the victim … in particular by stabbing the victim in the shoulder, causing a still visible laceration, by spraying bleach in his eyes, by pulling his braids. , hitting her on the head with a frying pan, hitting her with blue hangers [and] hitting her with a broomstick, ”the complaint states.

The young girl said her mother frequently knelt on top of her with her “knees on her neck and back, which made her have difficulty breathing” and hit her “repeatedly”, according to the complaint.

Jamie Moore is being held without bail in Essex County, jail records show. She is due in court on Wednesday.

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[Featured image: Jamie Moore/Essex County Corrections and JaShyah Moore/Essex County Prosecutor’s Office]

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