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Falls Mayor Robert Restaino unveiled a proposed municipal budget for 2022 that would increase spending by $ 1.65 million from 2021 levels, while funding nearly $ 18 million in capital projects.

The spending plan calls for a property tax increase of 44 cents per $ 1,000 of property assessment on family (residential) properties and 68 cents per $ 1,000 on non-family (commercial) properties. The increase brings the city to its state property tax cap.

The tax hike would add $ 44 to the bill for a home valued at $ 100,000 and $ 68 to a similarly valued commercial property. It will raise $ 645,000 of the planned spending increase of $ 1.65 million in the proposed budget.

The remainder of the increase is covered by a planned increase of $ 500,000 in county sales tax revenue.

Restaino said the rest of the city’s revenue projections for 2022 are “conservative” and in line with expected revenue for 2021.

“This year, we believe the budget fairly sets a level of service for residents,” said the mayor.

Restaino said city council members participated in the budget preparation process, including meeting with department heads to review their spending requests. Council member John Spanbauer said the proposal was what he expected.

“There aren’t really any surprises,” Spanbauer said.

Council Chairman Kenny Tompkins echoed a similar sentiment.

“It sounds like a solid plan,” Tompkins said. “Now we’re going to take a look at it and see if there’s anything we can help (raising the property tax). “

Restaino said the city repaved 20 streets in 2021 and proposed $ 5.7 million in spending for street repairs in 2022. The proposed budget capital plan also includes $ 3.7 million for work on the city’s Hyde Park Ice Pavilion, swimming pools and splashing water. pads and several fire stations.

The mayor also plans to allocate $ 2.4 million for new equipment and technology to the police department, while spending $ 600,000 on safety equipment for the fire department. There is $ 2.4 million in fixed assets for the Stevenson and Beech parks and $ 1.8 million for the equipment of the Public Works Department.

“It depends on the income resources to be determined,” Restaino said.

Almost $ 1 million in new spending will be used to pay for concessions agreed to by police and firefighters in the 2020 and 2021 budgets.

“The police and the fire department have made concessions to help us get through these years,” Restaino said. “Now those (concessions) have expired and we have to fund them. “

The city will also see a $ 150,000 increase in its garbage collection contract with Modern.

On the so-called budget staff, the mayor says his spending plan calls for a reopening of the Duke Senior Citizens Center and the restoration of youth programming. He proposes the creation of a director of youth and senior services to manage what was once a pair of positions cut in the 2021 budget.

Restaino told council members that “the city of Niagara Falls has long reacted to those who find us (for economic development) and we need to recognize the need to be proactive in this area.” He said he will propose an amendment to the city’s charter to create a post of director of economic development, separate from the city’s director of urban planning.

The post will be financed by tourism funds.

And the mayor has said he will upgrade a city’s “long neglected” information technology by hiring a director of management information systems (MIS).

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