Peyton and Eli Manning discuss breaking soccer balls on ‘Manning Cast’

Add a special sauce to the growing tradition of “Manningcast”.

After a three week break, Peyton and Eli Manning delivered jokes, slurs and ideas during their “Monday Night Football” show which also included a marshawn lynch f bomb, the Tom Brady franchise and special sauce, served during the conversation in the second half of the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks.

“Warren Moon threw anyone’s best spiral in football history and he threw a brilliant ball out of the box,” said Peyton Manning. “Not fair. Only he could do it.”

Now, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Manning brothers have spoken with respective languages ​​on their respective cheeks. But as discussions turned over how the regulatory NFL soccer balls were smashed over their careers to help quarterbacks, no smirk could be seen in the next, condensed exchange. to clarify more.

Eli Manning: “You can’t throw a new ball. You have to rub them. You have to sand them. You have a sander. … I mean, Peyton, that’s why the guys in the equipment room, it’s their job. …

“You know, they put them in the steam room, they have a sander, it’s an art to break that ball the way you like it. I noticed you had a lot of conversations with your gear guys just to make sure everything was perfect, right? ”

Peyton Manning: “Absolutely. … These equipment guys were awesome. They put them in the sauna. Burn them. They had some kind of special sauce. … ”

Eli Manning: “With what?

Peyton Manning: “They had a special sauce. I can’t reveal what’s in the sauce. ”

Could the “sauce” have been a classic Manning deadpan joke? Without showing a smile, Peyton Manning said: “Tom Brady and I have actually started a petition asking the home team to smash their own soccer balls.”

At this point, it was too late to ask Brady, who joined the Manning brothers as a guest in the first half.

Sneaky timing on the fourth edition of “Manningcast”, the MNF’s alternative show?

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Maybe, and that was among the intriguing moments that also included:

Uncomfortable outfit

Peyton Manning showed up for the show wearing a No.10 Ole Miss soccer jersey, like the one Eli Manning wore when playing for the Rebels.

“Peyton, you look good in that jersey, buddy,” Eli said. “It’s a solid Ole Miss jersey. I like this. Thanks for wearing this. ”

As Marshawn Lynch might have asked, “What’s the (expletive)?”

Peyton Manning explained, “Yeah, I lost a bet, folks. Ole Miss beat Tennessee (in football) two weeks ago, and that was the bet. The loser had to wear the other guy’s jersey. So I have to tell you that I thought throwing six interceptions was tough against the Chargers (in 2007). But having to wear an Ole Miss jersey on national TV, having to broadcast the Saints-Seattle game, two teams that beat me in the Super Bowl, it doesn’t get any better than that, E. I mean, it’s really there. ‘one of the best nights of my life.’ ‘

Apparently Eli Manning sent Peyton a mid-size jersey.

“I know you requested one of my own jerseys, but I didn’t want your big head stretching too far across your neck,” Eli Manning said. “Then I could never wear it again.” ”

And so the keeping of statistics could begin.

“There’s a lot of bets on when the first big head, big forehead joke comes,” Peyton Manning. “Obviously 12 minutes to play in the first quarter. “

Maybe it’s time to take the jokes off the forehead, but the Ole Miss jersey was a nice touch.

Create space

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning know how to entertain viewers by sharpening and ribbing. They also showed that they know when to create space for their guests.

Concrete example: the appearance of Tom Brady in the second quarter.

Yes, there were good-humored ribs between the Mannings and Brady when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback joined the remote broadcast. But the brothers did a good job letting Brady speak – and speak frankly.

he confirmed Rob Gronkowski’s original confession that the tight end leans on Brady for the study of the game movie. He laughed at defensive players for their lack of intelligence. And he said Byron Kennedy, the fan who gave Brady the soccer ball he used to throw his 600th career touchdown pass, moved too quickly.

“Byron realized he had lost all of his power once he gave the ball away,” Brady said. “He should have held it and then had as much weight as possible.”

With proper timing, Peyton Manning snapped, “If he had held it, he would have been sitting in the Tom Brady suite or the rest of the season.”


No, Eli Manning didn’t apologize for the jokes on the forehead, although he resisted the reference to Peyton’s “five heads”. It was Peyton Manning who apologized following a commercial break in the first quarter.

“I want to thank Marshawn Lynch,” said Peyton Manning. “Not so crazy about the language. I want to apologize for some of the language. That’s not what we’re trying to do on this show. ”

Apparently f-bombs and other expletives aren’t what ESPN had in mind for the “Manningcast.” the double bird Eli Manning turned around on previous show.

“I had to remind Eli that this show was live,” he said as the apology continued. “But Eli has learned his lesson. ”


“Keep your hands down,” Eli Manning said.

Hands up, and another helping hand for the “Manningcast”.

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