Point Pleasant pizzeria owner seeks love through ‘The Courtship’

POINT PLEASANT, NJ – What do you do when bar trips don’t help you find the love of your life?

If you’re Giuseppe Castronovo from Point Pleasant, you accept an invitation to a unique opportunity: to be on a reality show that mixes “The Bachelor” with “Bridgerton” for a different take on romance reality shows.

The show, which kicked off on Sunday evening, is set in an English castle and forced participants into the Regency-era court structure of the late 1700s. Castronovo and the 15 other suitors must not only seduce the star of the show, Nicole Rémy, but also Rémy’s parents, her sister and her best friend.

“Given that I’m 27 and still single, when the opportunity presented itself, I took it,” Castronovo said. “There’s only so many times you can go to D’Jais and find something there and it doesn’t work.”

So he was ready to be transported to the age of the prim and proper courtship to see if that offered a better chance at love. Being in the castle, where the whole show was filmed, was memorable.

“Living in a real castle that was literally built for royalty is an experience,” he said in an interview with Patch. “Everything was breathtaking. Everything was just beautiful.”

This is not the first time that Castronovo has appeared on television; as a teenager, he appeared in a few episodes of MTV’s “Jersey Shore“; Vinny Guadagnino is a third cousin, Castronovo said.

“We’re like the cousins ​​you see twice a year,” he laughed. These appearances led the producers of “The Courtship” to contact him, he said.

Because filming meant being away from home, Castronovo had to rely on his father to run the pizzeria he opened two years ago, just before the pandemic hit. Oakwood’s Point Pizza, at 2708 Bridge Ave. in Point Pleasant, is at what used to be Lenny’s.

“Thank God I have my amazing dad by my side,” Castronovo said. “He was in favor of the idea” of his son appearing on the reality show, even if he would have to take on the extra work.

“Usually it’s the two of us,” Castronovo said. “I usually run the day-to-day and he runs the restaurant.”

“It meant a lot to him to take on additional responsibilities,” he said. Managing the pizzeria has been a difficult task due to the pandemic. “I’ve had people with COVID, and there are supply chain issues.”

But her father is no stranger to the process, Castronovo said.

“He’s been doing this for a long time. He taught me everything I know,” he said.

The show’s first episode – it airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on NBC and is available on the Peacock app – featured Castronovo and the 15 other suitors arriving at the castle – Castle Howard in North Yorkshire, England, according to TV Insider – where they met Rick Edwards, an English TV presenter, journalist and author and the Regency-era etiquette expert who is the narrator/host, according to TV Insider’s report.

After brief introductions, the suitors are introduced to Rémy, a 26-year-old software engineer and former NFL cheerleader, and his parents, Dr. Claire Spain-Rémy and Claude Rémy, his sister, Danie Baker, and her best friend, Tessa. Clearly.

At the end of the episode, Remy picked out six of the suitors for one last dance and sent three home, leaving 13, including Castronovo, for at least one more week. NBC did not specify the number of episodes included in the season.

“People find love in the craziest and weirdest places,” Castronovo said. “You think ‘it would be a cool experiment’ to see if they choose me.”

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