Republicans sweep Toms River council

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TOMS RIVER – The entire board will be Republican in 2022 – although they may not all be on the same side.

The composition of the governing body is currently five Republicans and two Democrats with a Republican mayor. Republicans have been in the majority for many years. Council seats are four years.

During the primary, two lists of Republicans clashed. Justin Lamb and Daniel Rodrick were on the same list; they won the chance to represent the GOP in Wards 1 and 2. James Quinlisk and David Ciccozzi were on another list; they won the chance to represent the GOP in wards 3 and 4. Now the four of them will be on the platform together.

Justin Lamb (Campaign Photo)

In Ward 1, Lavallette’s lawyer and policeman Justin Lamb, a Republican, received 5,538 votes and Board of Education member Michele Williams, a Democrat, received 2,114 votes.

Property taxes are out of control in Toms River, and Ward 1 taxpayers are particularly keen on it. Reckless spending is to blame and I intend to expose waste and vote NO to any proposed spending that raises taxes, ”he said ahead of the election.

In Ward 2, Outgoing Republican councilor Daniel Rodrick, teacher, won 6,069 votes and Democrat Jeff J. Horn, lawyer, 2,665 votes.

“Residents are no longer interested in seeing more development, residential or commercial”, Rodrick had said. “We have enough empty storefronts across the city and over 3,000 new homes have been built in the past five years. The residents are fed up with overdevelopment and so am I. I have always voted against more development and will continue to oppose special offers that have allowed an explosion of high density residential housing.

Daniel Rodrick (Campaign photo)

In Ward 3, Republican James J. Quinlisk, owner of a company, received 4,099 votes and Democrat Karin Sage, lawyer, 2,002 votes.

James J. Quinlisk (Campaign Photo)

“Allowing businesses to open and thrive in a community of around 100,000 is good for business and good for the residents of our great city. ” Quinlisk noted. “Our population has grown by roughly 10% over the past decade and as a community we need places to shop, places to dine and places for recreation. We also need places to work. Allowing new businesses to open here and our existing businesses the capacity to grow will increase the city’s tax revenues without increasing property taxes for our homeowners.

In Ward 4, Republican David J. Ciccozzi, a member of the town planning council who works in property management, received 3,976 votes. Outgoing Democratic adviser Terrance Turnbach, a lawyer, won 2,905 votes.

“One of the best ways to promote business development in Toms River is to make sure we are on top of our taxes, which makes us a more attractive place to own a business,” Ciccozzi noted. “This will be my goal from day one. Also, no one moved to Toms River for dense housing, but rather for single family homes and a small town feel. We should seek to preserve the character of our community, rather than reshaping it with overdevelopment. “

David J. Ciccozzi (Campaign Photo)

Vote totals are unofficial results until certified by the county clerk at a later date.

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