Say hello to the new State Attorney General | Sheneman

After an exhaustive search of his immediate area, Governor Phil Murphy has found his new Attorney General. The lucky winner is Matt Platkin, 35. Platkin may not have the extensive criminal justice experience one would expect of the state’s top law enforcement official, but he does have a different skill set appreciated by the governor. Platkin was a staunch and loyal advisor to the governor throughout his first administration and last campaign. Now Murphy is tapping him to bring that big yes energy to the state’s largest legal department. Costs.

Platkin has yet to be confirmed, but in one of his first acts as acting AG, he launched a corruption probe into the firing of a former Murphy health official, Christopher Neuwirth, in the realm of shadow. Neuwirth claims he was wrongfully fired when he, at the height of the pandemic, refused to provide COVID tests to the family of Murphy’s chief of staff. Neuwirth struck a deal that promised him a corruption investigation and a day after he took office, Platkin torpedoed him. This is exactly the kind of return a savvy investor like the Governor is looking for.

For a guy who considers himself a sensible progressive, Murphy’s inner circle is awfully masculine and white. Everything points to Murphy hoping to take his relative success here in New Jersey to the national stage. If he’s really hoping to take that leap, it might help to have a few voices in the room ready to tell you no.

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