Selin’s Grove Brewing and Historic Building for Sale | New

SELINSGROVE — Steven Leason and Heather McNabb hadn’t anticipated the success they would have had in 1996 when they opened Selin’s Grove Brewing Co. in a 19th-century home once occupied by Pennsylvania’s third governor.

Twenty-six years later, the husband and wife’s former business partners are selling the pub at 121 N. Market built in 1816 which was once the home of Governor Simon Snyder and is listed on the National Historic Register, along with 123 N. adjoining Market St. property which was built in 1780.

“Before COVID, we thought the 25th anniversary would be a good time to quit,” McNabb said. Since restrictions eased, she said, business has picked up. The restaurant/pub will remain open Wednesday to Saturday until a new owner is found.

Selinsgrove Mayor Jeff Reed describes Selin’s Grove Brewing Co. as a “true English pub” and hopes the new owners will continue to operate the business.

“It didn’t take long for people to find it,” Reed said of customers from all over who came to eat and drink the award-winning beer courtesy of Leason and McNabb. “They and their staff will be greatly missed.”

Reed said he made many friends at the pub, including a man from Cleveland, Ohio, who visits the area twice a year for work and always stops by Selin’s Grove Brewing to share a meal and a beer with him.

“Great relationships developed there,” Reed said.

That was the plan when Leason and McNabb started brewing their own beer on site and opened the pub, which turned into a full-service restaurant.

“We wanted a place where people could gather, talk and share ideas, much like the colonial American pubs that were the hub of ideas,” Leason said. “In some ways it exceeded our expectations.”

Over the years, McNabb said, people have come to the basement pub, which has a large original fireplace and wooden beams, to hold weddings and baby showers and even a few marriage proposals.

“It’s a hub for the community and a very special property. I feel like I’m just the keeper,” McNabb said.

The historic building also includes a chiropractor’s office on the second floor and an apartment on the third floor.

The neighboring building at 123 N. Market St. includes a first-floor commercial property where Sarah, the 17-year-old daughter of Leason and McNabb, operates a record store. The other two floors are a large apartment where they raised Sarah and their two other children, Owen and Adeline.

“It was our dream to do this and now it could be someone else’s,” McNabb said of the business opportunity.

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