The Horton family and SWART receive the honors of the July construction site

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Cheryl King | Green Thumb Garden Club

(Left): Brenda Carter (far left) and Shirley Grigg (far right) members of the Green Thumb Garden Club of Uvalde present the residential construction of the month honors to Sandra and Benny Horton of 107 E. Campbell Street (right ) to SWART staff members (left to right) Maria Camacho, Laura Herrera, Sarah Hidalgo-Cook, Cynthia Rodriquez, Erika Uriegas and Christina Guerrera accept Green Thumb Garden Club Yard of the Month honors from club member Brenda Carter . The company is located at 713 E. Main St.

The following information was provided by Shirley Grigg and Cheryl King of the Green Thumb Garden Club in Uvalde.

The Green Thumb Garden Club of Uvalde has chosen the 107 E. Campbell St. home of Sandra and Benny Horton and the 713 E. Main St. commercial property of the Southwest Area Regional Transit District as the recipients of its July honors.

Mrs. Horton credits her husband with the landscaping while she enjoys decorating for the appropriate season. The recent Independence Day saw the courtyard adorned with a large flag mounted above the garage, small flags along the sidewalk blowing in the breeze and around a miniature well.

Two large wooden panels representing flags adorn the front door. Red, white and blue cans containing lights illuminate the sidewalk.

Roses, amaryllis, hibiscus, pineapple sage, blue plumbago, angel wings and caladiums offer tons of color. Other plans include Sweet William, Snapdragons, Petunias, Geraniums, Pansies, Yellow Esperanza, and the Pride of Barbados. A Mexican sycamore and a pecan tree provide shade for this well-kept yard. The SWART property has multi-colored marigolds and petunias visible from the highway, while the park-like setting of the interior land features Red Yucca, Golden Barrel Cactus, Purple and New Gold Lantana, Rosemary, and Firecrackers .

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