Upcoming improvements to Jackson Park following the sale of municipal property

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – On September 28, Jackson City Council held a meeting and voted to sell vacant commercial properties on the 900 block of N. West Avenue to Absolute Net Properties for $ 1.5 million of dollars. With this sale comes further improvements for Optimist Park.

The adjacent Optimist Park will be remodeled and will benefit from new investments to adhere to future commercial developments built on the property.

New additions such as a playground, basketball court and landscaping will be added to improve the park. This will take place once construction is underway on the commercial property, according to Kelli Hoover, director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

“This new development presents a unique opportunity to reinvest in Optimist Park, which needs new recreation offerings,” said Hoover. “This park is experiencing new life so it can continue to serve the Jackson community.”

N. West Avenue is a popular area of ​​Jackson, with restaurants, malls, offices and
quick access to I-94 and US 127.

City manager Jonathan Greene says the development will bring about 45 full-time jobs.

“Selling this city-owned property boosts our local economy and improves a city park, so it’s something that makes Jackson better for everyone,” Greene said.

The new Optimist Park will still be accessible from Lincoln Street.

The plans for the park will be published by the City.

For more information, contact Aaron Dimick, Public Information Officer by phone at 517-257-3003 or by email at [email protected]

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