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MTV Jersey Shore: Family Vacation The illustrious fifth season continued this week with a new episode after the explosive one centered on Ronnie last week. This time around, the drama lessened as the cast set the stage for the rest of the season to come. And Vinny went back to living with his mom…sort of.

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Greetings, comrades! This is me, your El Presidente, taking the time to muster troops at the border to threaten neighboring countries while using my own power to bring you the latest news on the biggest trashy reality TV show ever. television, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Eat your heart out, Putin! You can only do one or the other, but I, your El Presidente, can do both! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 5 episode 2 “Snooki vs. The Rock” did not, as its name suggests, feature a wrestling match between two WrestleMania veterans. But there was Vinny announcing to his mother that he had officially sold his house in Staten Island and was planning to move full time to Los Angeles. And while you might think that means Vinny is finally on his own, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Although Vinny may be alone in Los Angeles, that means that when he visits the East Coast, which he frequently has to do for filming Jersey Shore and because his whole family lives there, he will stay home. with his mother.

Vinny’s living conditions aside, it was an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation where not much happened. Mike and Lauren’s baby was allowed home after an intensive care scare, but we already knew the baby wasn’t dead since it was caught on camera months ago. Most of the episode featured the cast members visiting each other’s homes. For example, Snooki brought wine to make Deena lose her post-pregnancy with Angelina, while Vinny visited all the roommates to tell them about her new living situation. Pauly and Nikki have successfully returned home after their first DJ tour together.

Finally, Pauly hosted a lunch for everyone, with Angelina’s estranged husband, Chris, in attendance. Of course, Pauly almost immediately brought up Angelina’s alleged infidelity…which was the cue for the episode to end on a cliffhanger.

That this is only the second episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 and the show already spends the whole episode teasing something that won’t play until next week is not a good sign for the show reminiscent of the last season which had a lot of filler and spanning the one-night drama to replace the lack of cast interactions with standards that cannot happen thanks to the pandemic. How that pans out later in the season remains to be seen, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend another four-episode birthday bash, comrades. That’s all I’m saying.

Until next time: socialism or death!

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