Watch a cyclist crash into a car in Jersey City, NJ, but don’t rush to judge

There’s been a lot of noise lately about a Jersey councilwoman who hit a cyclist while crossing an intersection in the city.

The presumption made in the media and political circles is to immediately blame the driver and focus on the fact that she did not stop.

But when you watch the video, some things jump out.

First of all, the driver seems to respect the rules of the road, not to accelerate and to cross a green light.

Second, the cyclist clearly passes the red light which is visible from both angles. And the cyclist is in the middle of the road without stopping to look for oncoming traffic.

(Hudson County See YouTube)

(Hudson County See YouTube)

Fortunately, the cyclist pulled away, but the driver did not stop.

(Hudson County See YouTube)

(Hudson County See YouTube)

(Hudson County See YouTube)

(Hudson County See YouTube)

Many say this is why the driver should be charged.

Let’s wait until all the facts are known before condemning or judging either party.

The driver may not know that she hit the cyclist.

I told on the air earlier the story of walking on the campaign trail nearly two decades ago in Eatontown where a car pulled out of a driveway and hit me. I got cut and banged on the hood and kept walking. I don’t even remember being hit.

It was my campaign team walking behind me who stopped me and asked if I was okay. It was a confused conversation for sure.

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